How to prevent your account from hacking on Twitter ?

As a famous saying goes "Better be safe than sorry". This is appropriate while on Internet where you must watch out for attackers and hackers sitting in ambush. A slip-up on your part, and you are caught off guard, often pay up heavily for your innocent mistake.

History is witness to the fact that many of the Twitter accounts of well known personalities have been hacked and brutalized. Causing them lots of media glare and public angst unnecessarily.

There is no foolproof safety measure one can not exploit,  if they have set their mind on it, yet it doesn't harm to stay conscious .
So you must be thinking what can you do to get safe on the Internet? Fret not !! You can follow these simple steps and remain assured that your account is safe.

Twitter Security Settings

Implement  and tweak Twitter security settings appropriately. For this click on the profile photo on the top right. Access the settings from here and keep tweaking them regularly.

Privacy and  Security

To access the "Privacy" settings please visit  the panel on left. Click on  "Login verification". As you do this,  Twitter will send an OTP on the account that you have registered. This is something very important for the security of your account because each time you( or someone) with your password tries to login, you will get to know through your registered account, as you receive OTP.
Select "Password reset" now. So if somebody tries to change your password they will need to enter your personal information like contact number​.

Revoke Apps : 

This section in Settings shows a list of the apps that have access to your Twitter account. This is a very useful section,you because anytime you find an app suspicious, having the access of your account, you can revoke access of that app here.

Helpful Security Practices

Change Password Frequently : 

Always remember to change your password every three months. For this you can put a calendar alert which reminds you to change the password monthly or three months at the least.

Unique password: 

Your password must be unique in all circumstances. Pay utmost care to not keep the same password for two different accounts.

Keep the passwords entirely different. That means the whole password should be different, not just a single letter. 
Example:  Your Gmail password is spring@123, then your Twitter password shouldn't be springs@123 or springseason@123.

Difficult Passwords : 

Now this is a no-brainer.  Your password should not be your date of birth or your name etc. This must be something that is difficult to guess. 
Make sure that it is at least 8 characters long, has a number and a special character( like @, #, $ ).

Suspicious Apps and Websites : 

This is just a piece of cake to understand, has been said a hundred times, and still holds it's importance,  you must always stay away from anything that looks remotely suspicious on Internet.
Do not install any prank apps from the Google Play Store or any other third-party app site, ad pop-ups, spam and phishing mails. Be-wary, never click on any of these.
Having said that, we all know that no one can be entirely safe from hackers and cyber criminals on the Internet. But rest assured following these tips and practices you can keep your account absolutely safe.
So take care and follow these practices !!